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Generator and Detection Open Graph Meta Tag Generator

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You can learn more here: Robots meta tag, data-nosnippet

The Copyright tag records information of who copyright ownership belongs to.
If your web page is not special, please do not use this tag.
Comma separated list of tags words associated with this article.
Must include http(s)://.*
Recommended length: 60 characters 0 /60
Recommended length: 150 - 160 characters 0 /160
Recommended length: 1200 x 630 pixels

Sets whether a web application runs in full-screen mode.
Detect Phone Number
By default, Safari on iOS detects any string formatted like a phone number and makes it a link that calls the number.
The Canonical tag is an HTML link tag with “rel=canonical” attribute that is used if you have a single page URL that has the same content as other multiple page URLs.
Notice to web robots indexing the page when revisit next. Ex: 15 days
When you visit a website, usually the web page after being downloaded will be stored in the cache. However, if you do not want your site to be cached, you can choose "no".
Indicate to the browser being used to refresh page the every N seconds. Ex: 120
Indicate to the browser being used to refresh page the after N seconds forwards the vistor to the url.


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